The Theory of Monkeys: Communication vs Tit For Tat

[Workshop 1 of the Trust is the Fundamental Currency of All Kinds of Relationships Series]


What is it?

This is a 2-hr online communication workshop specifically designed to equip you with tools to keep you out of and/or teach you to better navigate the results of harboring monkeys: unresolved issues you or your partner/friend/significant other have purposely chosen to ignore, and as a result, have ended up growing into things sometimes completely unrecognizable from where they began. Due to lack of communication, we end up dealing with the insidious and should-be infamous practice most popularly known as Tit for Tat. Let’s get some tools for addressing that situation, shall we? .


HA! So glad you asked. Monkeys are unresolved issues you or your partner/friend/significant other has purposely chosen to ignore, except you can’t ignore them because they carry a charge. There’s an emotional attachment to them that one or both of you is denying. So you THINK you’re “letting it go” but in actuality you’re carrying it as a mark on your internal chalkboard, and those marks do add up—most times without the other person even knowing there was a mark to begin with! That mark, is now a monkey…

*I have found that many of these principles can be applied equally to platonic relationships with only a little modifying.
This workshop is for you if

-You’re currently in a relationship and argue with your partner[s] more than you’d like.

-You find yourself extremely reluctant to bring certain things to a partner’s or friend’s attention even if it’s very important to you, for fear of how they might react.

-You find yourself engaged in small to large bouts of tit for tat [with partners, friends, co-workers] and know it’s detrimental to the relationships, but can’t quite figure out a way to stop!

-You simply wish to have better communication with close friends/lovers/partner and establish deeper trust, or any combination of the above.

{*This workshop may also be a good fit if you just like learning more about healthy emotional navigation in a fun, lively container with yours truly and new friends}

When is it?
 02.11.23 from 10:30am-12:30pm PST
$59.95/individuals  | $74.95/couple 

Why this workshop? Why Now?

Because it’s important! Because wouldn’t you love to feel like your intimate relationship is a sanctuary, and your friendships be places where you can feel safe bringing up anything that’s on your mind? I have been in my current relationship for fifteen years and counting. [*And we’re happy]. If I can pass on some knowledge to you about ways you could potentially add better communication, less stress, more joy and fulfillment to your relationship, shouldn’t I try my best to do that? Lol. YES! Yes I should. And as life continues to teach us, there is NEVER a better time to invest in your own happiness than TODAY!

In this online workshop we will:
•identify and tease out your Pillars: what a healthy relationship looks like to YOU.
•look at some of the prevalent power dynamics, or ‘styles’ often at play in your relationships, sometimes without us being aware of it.
•go over the Theory of the Monkeys, where we identify and isolate some of the unconscious and conscious causes that often contribute to creating tit for tat situations in our relationships, and how our responses can fundamentally destabilize our relationships over time.
•learn about the “Blame Finger” and how easy it is to find ourselves pointing it.
•learn a system for addressing and dealing with these factors and how to build a framework from which to move forward in the future.
•Touch on and identify other key areas which overlap to form beautiful, or tumultuous communication patterns

Some of the potential benefits of this workshop within your various relationships may include:

-less arguing

-less resentment

-less tit for tat

-less feeling unacknowledged/unseen

-less feeling unSAFE [psychologically, mentally]

-more freedom, more trust, more ability to relax, more joy, understanding, willingness, and back to JOY!

*Once you’ve reserved your seat, keep a look out in your email for some very important follow up information in the days leading up to the workshop.