Walkin I was
Down the street   alone , but peopled block

there were people everywhere like mardigras  only.. different.

Walking I was   when I saw , she saw me seeing
we were   sighting each other like rifles

Gorgeous  she was Gorgeous    my eyelids
closed to pray to

God  she was beautific    angels must look like she looks     at me
looking at me   she was   still   and my knees paid homage by trembling      mouth dried, lick my lips I tried   not working my tongue was    but tried I did anyway and   she’s still looking      I’m not walking anymore    stopped I must have  body’s not quite right.

And smoke she blew from between lips like whetted blades; dangerous but seducing to a warrior.
She blew smoke from between lips concealing beckoning depths- where’s the cigarette? Matter,  does it matter

HELL YEAH it mattered!       she blew smoke lacking cigarette     both hands are holding nothing       winter time it’s not     yet  she blew/blows smoke from between demonic lips
and the Devil winked
Walking I am again   I’m walking now, FASTER   than I was, but walking nonetheless
My knees tremble now for different reasons
the Devil winked       at me, she did,  as smoke she blew from between lips of deceiving grandeur.   Angels really must like this look     for she was [Lucifer!]  was before he became it and   winked
Faster   take me faster from this place
Mistake I made    couldn’t tear my eyes away from that   when  the Devil winked
in that instant but a second it was, long enough to last an eternity, it will
I saw, she made me see   glimpses of nightmarish descents into the sub-cellar of Madnesses’ playground it was  INSANE   almost drove me
That one blink    but a wink it was  but it let me know
Savage Christian I now am in church EVERY day     couldn’t be Catholic
Have to    I’d go to [never!] confession
But in church I sit

stoutly pray I do every Sunday I am from now til whenever

I will for I saw the Devil wink   I did     walk fast I tried
sleep I couldn’t weeks after cuz the Devil winked and
I pray   it doesn’t drive me     out

of my mind…