Conviction can be a very, very powerful thing.

That’s why some missionaries are so damnably effective. They believe with all their hearts whatever dogma is spilling out of their lips. They believe it so powerfully, one cannot help but be touched by their fervor, by the strength and power that pours from them when they sing the praises of whatever god they’ve been taught to sing of. I too have conviction. I simply choose not to root mine in the foundations of religion- any religion.
Rather let me say that I believe in the power of the human spirit, I believe unequivocally in the power of collective intention, in the power of kindness for kindness’s sake, in the power of love to navigate all kinds of situations. I more than  believe it, I choose to BE it. I choose to live this thing called life in a way that empowers and inspires as many people as I possibly can to be as badass a human being as they can comfortably [and sometimes uncomfortably] muster.
I believe in the power of manifestation and therefore I manifest daily. I believe in the power of smiles and therefore I fuggn smile my ASS off. I believe the power and potency of a powerful hug is routinely underestimated, therefore I have crafted a fuggn esoteric tool of my hugs, made of them primary techniques in disarmament tactics in the ever-going war on cynical standoffishism.

I believe in the power of words, both spoken and written, so I make it a point to write to YOU, all you out there who may stumble upon this, or seek it out apurpose. I believe in the power of thought, so I attempt to put INTENTION into eeeeeeverything I wish to make a reality, everything I wish to call to fruition, every possibility I hold space for.

And I believe in you, all of you, whether I’m consciously aware of it or not, whether my wants want me to like you or not, love you or not. I believe that love is a powerful, powerful thing, and that the act of saying the three word sentence, ” I love you”, can transform souls. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have a forum where I get to share these things, these thoughts and beliefs, with so many at one time. This is not only for those who are already converted so to speak. I do not wish to preach only to a choir.
This is for you who are cynical and jaded and pissed and over it and tired and washed up and disillusioned as well. This is for the ones who just might need a reminder, for the ones who are living it and don’t need the reminder but will appreciate the reflection. This is for the ones who find this in the single moment when they need it most, more than anything in the world. This is for them, for those, this is for you.

I’m willing to say it.

I love you.

even if part of me doesn’t believe me. Even if MY jaded parts, MY cynical parts tell me if I loved them I’d do such and so.. I’ll say it, and try my best to mean it in the moment I say it, trusting to the fact that my meaning it in that moment, will touch you exactly where and how you need to be reached, at exactly the right time, and the legacy of those three words will be a door where there was none but a heartbeat ago.. hearing where before lay only deaf ears. and I will cry in a moment to come, for the sheer beauty of moments like these, knowing that my tears have never… fallen
in vain.