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A bundled trilogy of an intoxicating, innovative, deliciously sexy, erotic fantasy adventure novel w/illustrations…

Either signed physical copies, or downloadable pdf eBook versions.

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An intoxicating, innovative, deliciously sexy, erotic fantasy adventure novel w/illustrations… 

Intent on glory, Kithiik enters the forbidden tunnels to slay a legend and become one himself. What happens next sets him on an electrifying journey through exotic lands, and changes him from a reckless, violent and angry boy to a man with intuitive powers that open his heart to love, his mind to the truth and his body to erotic pleasures he never imagined.

These books, dubbed by the author as “fantasensual novels”, contains dazzling descriptions and visual representations of tender, exuberant, acrobatic, imaginative and sometimes even downright dangerous sex between couples, threesomes, moresomes.

Dive into what some have described as an erotic roadtrip through an exotic world. With this bundle you get all three books in the trilogy complete with a total of FORTY THREE, full-color, lavishly illustrated plates accompanying the text, and a series of experiences you won’t soon forget. Welcome to the cult.

“Micah has written and illustrated an epic hero’s journey through a vivid and exotic world filled with marvels and awe. The hero is worthy and irresistible, and I thank him on behalf of my gender for rendering his many female characters with affection and respect. His sex scenes are sizzling hot, among the best I have ever read, ranging from tender and awe-filled, to playful and exuberant, to wild, electrifying and inventive. I think they will appeal to both men and women because they are told from a man’s point of view but are incredibly perceptive about women’s sexuality. I was only half joking when I told him that he is going to have women lining up at his door and leaping into his bed after they read this book.”

—Susan Edwards, Editor, Writing Coach, Author

**If purchasing physical copies, please allow at least 2-4 weeks for delivery as supply chain issues are definitely a thing. It may be much sooner, but I’d like you to know in advance it could take longer. Thanks SO very much for your patience and patronage!

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