CULT OF THE SERPENTARI: Rites of Passage 3


An intoxicating, innovative, deliciously sexy, erotic fantasy adventure novel w/illustrations…

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An intoxicating, innovative, deliciously sexy, erotic fantasy adventure novel w/illustrations… 

Kithiik gets his first taste of a big city, and the threads of the Serpentari Mistress’s web tighten. Every step brings him closer to the mysterious destination where he is to deliver a precious package. But the ever enigmatic Inamorata has plans of her own, and the task he’s been charged with may push Kithiik over the edge into a personal abyss he cannot control. Strap in and get ready for the wildest part of this exotic ride yet, with more illustrated plates, a singularly massive sexual fete, and a primal, sex-filled twist that will leave you utterly sated and wanting more at the same time. 

This book, dubbed by the author as a “fantasensual novel”, contains dazzling descriptions and visual representations of tender, exuberant, acrobatic, imaginative and sometimes even downright dangerous sex between couples, threesomes, and way moresomes. 

*Please note that almost every chapter in this book is accompanied by 1-2 full-color, lavishly illustrated plates. While this dramatically impacts the print cost, I hope you find the visual accompaniment an adequate enhancement of your literary experience.

**If purchasing a physical copy, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as supply chain issues are definitely a thing. It may be much sooner, but I’d like you to know in advance it could take longer. Thanks SO very much for your patience and patronage!

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