I’m gonna say this now,[again]..feel free to completely disregard if the words do not resonate with you: I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE WHO HAS NOT, TO ESTABLISH A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH DEATH. When I say this, I mean that of all the non-guarantees in life, the only one you can be absoLUTEly certain of, is the FACT that everyone you will ever know, and anything living period- will die at some point. Givin that understanding, I think it can be important, particularly if you haven’t “lost” anyone close to you yet, to establish your relationship with Death before it happens. So many of us speak of energies, and spirits and past lives and possibilities-yet when Death comes, a lot of us forget those same principles and dive head first into pits of despair and depression and all kinds of other places we really don’t enjoy being in.. for YEARS sometimes!
I FULLY understand that it is not my place to try to tell anyone how to grieve, but I CAN invite you to consider that navigating deaths in the future may be considerably less difficult for you personally, if you take the time to figure out what you legitimately believe, or don’t believe in regards to what happens when we pass through that door.
I’m inviting anybody who resonates with any part of these words to have this conversation with themselves, with other people, etc.
It’s an invitation..the best thing about invitations is that you can turn em down.
The second part of this message is to EVERYONE period: a lotta ya’ll know this already so just use this as a reminder- APPRECIATE THE ONES IN YOUR LIFE WHILE THEY’RE HERE AS WELL AS WHEN THEY’RE GONE!! if you got that handled, then when they pass, at the very LEAST, regret will not be a part of the equation about what you COULD have done, could have said to them or shown them or shared with them.
thanks for reading and enjoy your experience of yourself this time around for as long as you’re here:)