Holy Shit

I was born amongst fires and strobe light; natural fissures and crater cracks as demons danced and somebody chuckled for like,
no apparent reason.
And God said ‘Shhhh’, to the angel who peeped it when He sent his son down and proclaimed him His only
He told him, the angel I mean, to hush, with a finger to His imperial non-existent lip, because the angel peeped the bastard son, the other one, that was born simultaneously in a different when, but present day nonetheless; no sacrifices here son-
And God so loved the world that He gave one of His only begotten sons,
What? That didn’t sound right! You not readin that right- Shut up and let me finish
In the beginning there was me, and God
And the word was with God, and the word coulda’ been God, but God knew there was only room enough for one of Him, so he kept He and the word separate
And the word was a name
And God so loved the world that He gave one of His only begotten sons, they say his name was Jesus, they called him Christos; they took this holy gift and sacrificed him cause they didn’t like the smell of his breath- God peeped this future when it was still a conception, didn’t like the ending, so he rewrote the script- a dual ending in two separate time lines; Stuck ressurection into the first, like Lazarus, it was a project that had previously proven successful; unlike project mankind
a.k.a. Genesis
In the beginning, there was God
And the word was with God, couldn’ta been God cause He said so,
And He so loved the world that He gave one of His only begotten sons; they sacrificed him cause they didn’t like the smell of his breath, it was too fresh, no cavity decay residue
So God sent a second son,
and God so loved the world,
A bastard son, unimmaculately conceived, a progeny of hot steamy sex and sweaty afterglow
And the word was with God
And the word was a name
the angel who peeped this deed of dual birth was disillusioned at the fact that God could play a trick or maybe fib, like Eve was when she found out that He meant a different kind of death when He threatened about her having a bite of the forbidden fruit, but whatever.
Seeing God fibbing or playing tricks is like seeing daddy come home with a prostitute while Mommy’s out to work.
The angel thought he was better equipped to be Beneficent, had issues with keeping knowledge from the hands of the hairless things God had created and called Adam and Eve,
Brought the issues before a few of his peers, got kinda too big britches for himself and stormed Heaven.  God raised half an eyebrow, spoke three words, and dismissed this beautiful upstart from home heaven-

He had better things to think about, like losing a son.
It’s kinda hard to watch a story you wrote the ending to, but it comes with the territory.
‘God?’  “What”, we answered in unison. “Stop doing that!” He said to me. “My bad” said I, and proceeded to watch my birth through one of the angel telescopes called sunrays.
‘Question’   “Yes”
‘Where do we send an army of upstart angels and a captain who knows too much?’
“You banish em’ to hell.”   ‘What’s that?’   “The smoldering place down there I just created, see? Send em’ there.”
‘Yes Lord.’
In the beginning there was God.
And because they killed His first son, He sent a second.
A bastard son He told to totally not give a fuck, live your life, forget you were ever any other than what you will be now, and perhaps one day,  I’ll let you in on the secret or three that is the essence of me.
June 24th, 1975
a baby was born.
And the word was a name
And the name