sometimes..I am more than myself.
I am a feeling
an access to something vast, and beautiful.
there is a fire, a flame like no flame; a supernova happening
an eternal instant
a blossoming of conflagration like a paper house catching fire in a strong wind;
those flames in the moment of contact with that wind
this is the eternal; what we have access to in the moments when we PUSH; when we reeeach and it must be scary,
it must be bold, we must feel the thrumm of it deep down in our bones and vibrating across our surface like bowstring tension;
it is in the midst of such moments that we stand poised above a brink, at the mouth of a yawning chasm
when we are set to launch ourselves from it
when we have committed to that launch;
It is only then that we have access to that flame, to that supernova eternal. It is only then that we are allowed to touch, for a brief instant, the power of that moment, the power of that flame, perpetually waiting for all those who are willing to push. Only those of us who find ourselves faced with a challenge, sought or of a sudden, and choose to dive headlong into the gulf, into the maw of the experience
only we are allowed to glimpse, like some terribly divine vision of ourselves, the utter essence of aliveness, the beat at the heart of the drum, the energy at core of the atom, at core of the universe, that fire which exists solely to remind us what being alive can mean; what it can feel like to BE. utterly in the moment, OF the moment, alive to it as if made for it; as if canvas for possibility and the seizing of possibility. When we dare to grasp at it, to reach for it with both hands, fully committed to our course, fully aware of the gamble we take, then we become in that moment- the embodiment OF that moment; the embodiment of dynamic possibility realized.
We become a pure expression of LIFE as the essence of the divine
we become in effect
a piece of God.