So I sit in my chair.. and I write

I who am privileged beyond privilege in this world of men

Ruled by other men

And women -brought up by women, who’ve been so surrounded by men

and the lack of men, that they teach their daughters

to be hard in places that were meant to be softer

but because of some men, ‘soft’ has become synonymous with weakness

and weakness with women

so neither women or men have chances to be soft when softness is


to counter the harsh of these men who create a world where killing

is routine

and dying is expected

and grieving is untaught, and an unraveling, but a given

and sometimes

in my grief for another lost.. another beloved snatched over


he or she would have walked willingly over

as I am surrounded by the confusion of many around me

the questions as to ‘how’ this could happen

I am inspired to look into myself

And see things ugly, and true, with implications so dire, it hurts to

look at the world; I come to a simple truth:

As long as there is ANYTHING I would be willing to kill over

As long as there is ANY single thing: a daughter, a son, a wife, a lover,

A friend, a mother, a principle..

As long as there is any situation I can think of wherein I would take a

human life,

then there are others who will have that same disposition.. and the

Somethings they would kill for will almost certainly not match mine.


In the end, there is no end. There is either a shifting, or a continuance.

Either I find a way to live in this world where no matter what the circumstances

I am unwilling to take life-

Or I live with the fact that life will be taken

And sometimes, the life will be very


Close to home