Feel Me

come to me.. soul gardens to plant
wing tips to clip and adorn as angel bits

I wander in the midst of this time of time change
bringing the gift of catalytic elixer with and in me
moving movement till the air stops to breathe me
baking stillness in the ovens of my perpetual change
dancing deaths’ cells into potential transformed
living darkness into all light
smiling soul beacons at my surrounding reflections
bathing frames in the furnace fired waters of experience
glowing YOU back at you
sexing vibe signals into league traveling blankets of goodness
basketed and hidden as biscuits for wolf mothers whose grandmothers
were sheep with shotguns and fairy tiaras

know me for the screaming tear stain I am
for the pain embodied I live
for the raucous, savage beast I can let loose
for the humble and the arrogant bastard I run as
for the potential bursting through my manifestation seams
for the ether I call and touch from
for the archetypes I channel with gleeful grins
spit fanged and toothless
charboiled essence in a brown human bag
love light mixed with depth dark night
ambassador through tribes, colorblind and aware
spinning experience on turntables and carving change in the heartcases
of those I rock wit
sweet vessel for savage joy

feel me
B l a ck L i gh T
Wed, September 14, 2005 – 11:53 AM