Cult Of the Serpentari Imagery

“An intoxicating, innovative, deliciously sexy, erotic fantasy adventure novel w/illustrations…” 

These books, dubbed by the author as “fantasensual novels”, contains dazzling descriptions and visual representations of tender, exuberant, acrobatic, imaginative and sometimes even downright dangerous sex between couples, threesomes, moresomes.

*Originally a single book, the author has broken up the original, rather dense novel into three separate, more digestible parts. For fans who are already cult members, it is the same book you remember. For new members, prepare for a wild ride!

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Are you unsure about erotica in general or this book in particular?

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Just in case you didn’t realize, each of the Cult of the Serpentari novels are packed with juuuuicy full-color illustrations to accompany the prose. Many people absolutely delight in having visuals to enhance their reading experience. And others love staring at visuals more so than reading anything. Now we’ve got something for both those groups.  It is with GIDDY DELIGHT and glee that we announce the first hard cover collection of every illustration from all three novels of the trilogy. Introducing the Illustrated Plates!