Some people feel stuck, some feel like they’re just on the edge of a precipice but can’t seem to create
the necessary motivation, or move beyond that final hurdle to get to the success they know is waiting
on the other side. Simply put, we pick a section [or two] of your life that you’d like to shift or see serious
transformation in- I light a sizeable fire beneath those parts, we see what comes running into the light,
and we MOOOOVE.

I am a professional builder and holder of energetic containers wherein people feel safe enough to be
completely vulnerable, and in so doing, completely themselves.
By listening intently, and offering feedback with as little judgement as possible,
I enable people to feel seen, heard, and empowered.

I am also very good at listening- at creating and holding a safe space in which you can spill, where you
can be “seen” and legitimately heard.. perhaps saying things you would not allow yourself to say in any
other forum. I have found that sometimes, just having a safe space to vent, to speak aloud what one is
holding, can be a very cathartic, transformative experience. That experience is something I am equipped
to provide.


My approach to Empowerment Coaching is relatively simple. I arrange it into several major tiers,
and a few sub-divisions, or “packages”:

-the single session[s].. no committment for anything further,
just one hour phone sessions complete unto themselves: $96

-The Standard Package: 1 month.. 4 one hour sessions at 1 per week: $359

-The Standard Intensive: 1 month..8 one hour sessions at 2 per week: $740

-The Double Standard [Ha!]: 2 months.. 8 one hour sessions at 1 per week: $740

-The Triptych: 3 months..12 sessions total.. 4 per month: $1,100

-The Triptych Intensive: 3 months.. 24 sessions total.. 8 per month: $2,050

Optional additional half-hour sessions: $60
[*available only to those who’ve signed up for any of the above packages]

**Mediated Calls [between you and one other person- a partner, a parent, a relative, etc.]: $120 for a single hr


All packages include mandatory homework, followup support emails, and a general sense that you definitely signed on for something REAL.

Before accepting anyone for a package, I like to do a ten to fifteen minute interview to establish whether or not we are a good fit. This is due to a couple of reasons:


the packages must be paid for up front, so it’s definitely an investment.
[of course I’m willing to work with you..I am flexible.. to a point:) ]


there’s no point in continuing if we are clashing immediately.
If there’s going to be any fighting, I do not intend to fight against,
I intend to fight WITH and FOR.
Payment will be arranged after our initial interview via Paypal or personal check.

I love this! Prepare to be engaged and involved, challenged and confronted.
Interested? Curious? Absolutely sure? EXCELLENT.
please feel free to contact me so that we can begin a conversation: speak@artofmicah.com

Checkin is a good idea.:)

Before getting in touch with me be sure to have a
conversation with yourself as to whether or not you
are serious about affecting change in your life. Once
I’ve been commissioned, I’m on your NECK. We will
choose one or possibly two places in your life
[at a time] that you would like to shift, and then we GO.

But we can have so much FUN together! I have a wealth
of excitement and a plethora of tools I’m cultivating and
there is simply SO much room to play and explore and develop.

My Commitment..

I am committed to inspiring.
I live it, I love it, I AM it, and when you
commission me to aid YOU in feeling
empowered and BEING inspired,
it is my absolute honor and privilege to get
to be the tool to help you feel and be just that.
Every client is different, so my approach will
always vary, but I like to think of my clients
as artists, creating masterpieces out of the
clay of their lives..
(I like to see you make beautiful art:)