The minute we realize that our lives can be lived as gifts, we have stumbled upon a fundamental truth. Our lives ARE gifts to us. I think many understand that. What is often overlooked or unrealized is that our lives can also become gifts given to the world we were birthed into, and the people who populate it.

Every day we are alive, we are given an opportunity to gift the world with something. It could be a smile, a way of walking, a wonderfully thought out meal.

Whoever said there is nothing new under the sun obviously never met Me..or my/our people.
There has never been another you, in this form, in this incarnation, living at THIS time doing THESE things-EVER. Therefore every act of joy, every instance where you engender an experience that leaves you smiling in genuine happiness or stewing in quietly beautiful satisfaction, becomes an offering of sorts, becomes your tithes payed at the altar of Life.

it is by LIVING- that you create a gift that cannot be replicated, that can have no equal anywhere because it is ONE HUNDRED percent original. It is every person you will ever touch; every opinion you will sway, every smile, frown, yelp of excitement, feeling of love or hatred. EVERY SINGLE experience you will ever have is a part of your personal gift. Because it is not only your experiences that make you who/what you are- it is how you choose to INTERPRET those experiences and move through them.

You may not know how deeply your smile, [or lack of], your encouragement [or lack of], your compliments [or lack of], your opinions, your views, your laughter, your voice, your speech, your movements, may effect another.. the ones you DON’T pay attention to, the ones you don’t even know. You may never be given to know just how deeply you’ve impacted their lives-

just by living yours…