I am so blissed right now..
I love my people
being around my people
the feel of the music inside us,
spilling out of me, moving through me
being surrounded by brown, and cream
and shades between and beyond- but feeling the communal, beautiful spirit
that only manifests itself in
that particular way
when there’s a dancefloor at the center of it.

Every dancefloor has its own unique energy,
and House music- when anchored by those who truly love it as a music form,
pours itself across a dancefloor like liquid, like anmiotic fluid,
like being born again
the floor becomes womb
becomes shining beautiful village,

becomes church,

becomes shrine

We worship with our bodies
writhing a celebration
every movement an oblation
an offering
we speak in the tongues of Rhythms, and the experientials associated with specific
tunes forever locked into our minds remembering the first time we experienced that
specific track
what color she was wearing when she danced that dance with you;
the way you felt the first time you saw someone so smooth, so beautiful,

you almost wept to see them move.
or the very first time you were struck DUMB
by the power of a rhythm so intense it rendered you speechless in the middle of a
frozen like a head lit deer
your spirit ripped outta your chest like somebody was pissed at it
flung to the ends of the room

THESE are my people
delineated only by our collective love of this music,
THIS is our dance
our rhythms a collective calling- and a villages’ answer
it’s in our CELLS to respond
our feet don’t know how to NOT try to follow

we are the beneficiaries of an aural heaven
the DJ’s our temporary priests,
the Rhythms our Gods
we give worship

and praise like movement
like prayer