Micah..BlackLight is a multi-media, multi-dimensional artist who was birthed with wide-ranging passions and blessed with the ability to create within a great many modalities. He is an illustrator, visual artist, author, dancer, graphic designer, fashion designer, motivational speaker, performance poet/mc, vocalist, Empowerment Coach and Inspiration Engine.

He began drawing at age 3 and wrote his first story at age six. He discovered fantasy and became completely enthralled with the endless potential to inspire that fantastic works, in all forms of media, seemed to possess.

He auditioned and won admittance to Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC, where a combination of luck, talent and hard work landed him several scholarships and the opportunity to attend Pratt Institute of Art and Design in Brooklyn, NY. He went on to receive his BFA in illustration and fine arts. After working for roughly a decade and a half as a graphic designer in the fashion industry, he finally chose to make the leap and become a full-time self-employed artist in 2010.

His creative output since taking that leap has been prodigious. He taught himself to sew and started fashioning couture ensembles and accessories. His fashion creations have adorned and currently adorn a host of performers, activists, influencers and “ordinary” people. As a visual artist, Micah has designed album covers, illustrated two children’s books, two coloring books, been commissioned for numerous tattoo designs, custom fantasy portraits, custom illustrations, concept art, live art, costume design, comic, novel, and graphic novel illustration and more. As a vocalist, MC, performance poet and dancer, he has performed in venues ranging from New York City to San Francisco, Philadelphia, PA to Ashland, OR and a great many places besides.

He believes that since so many people have either not yet identified their passion, or feel as if those passions are unattainable, it is almost an obligation for those who DO have that passion and are willing to go after it, to create and pull from that place as much as possible. He has turned this belief into a driving principle permeating every work in every medium through which he creates. The underlying message is always the same: Inspire, and be inspired.