See with more than your eyes: feel with none of your preconceptions

See with more than your eyes: feel with none of your preconceptions


what happens when yo poetry don’t sound like nobody else’s?
when you don’t go into “poetry speak” before you begin?
what happens when your poetry sounds like your song, and your songs
sound like your speech
and your speech sounds like your soul comin up outta your mouth
takin measure of a room and weighing the intent of the listener;
checking for fertile soil in frontal lobes..

what happens when ya poetry is like a call to prayer?
only your prayers are like calls to arms
and the arms are states of consciousness
and the prize is evolution
or massive paradigm shifts of a fuckin planet
and that shift looks a lot like evolution?

what happens when your silence sounds a lot like screaming?
only your screams are filled with love?
and your love is composed of equal parts hope and faith
and your faith looks a lot like knowing
and your hope looks a lot like celebration
and so your silence becomes like a choir of inspiration for an entire race..

what if every time you spoke you were actually shifting somebody’s mental paradigm
and so your everyday life started to look a lot like opportunities
and the opportunities felt like they were changing the world a little bit at a time
so you started feeling like maybe you are important after all
and what if that feeling looked a lot like truth?
and that truth looked a lot like common sense?
and you got the sense that everybody could see it
but their sight looked a lot like denial
and that denial looked a lot like fear
and that fear looked a lot like resignation, and maybe a little like laziness?

and what happens when other people start looking like reflections
and those reflections look a lot like YOU?
and You look like you might need a little bit uh help
and that help looks a lot like the need for inspiration?
and you realized that your silence when it was screaming and filled
with love and faith and hope and knowing, resonated that inspiration
a thousand-fold

and what if you chose to BECOME inspiration on a daily basis?
and what if you CHOSE
on a daily basis?
what would your speech, and your actions, and your words look and
sound like