in this moment, it’s like I’m drunk-besotted with Life..
I give myself this moment, and moments like it, as gifts. I give myself the gift of happiness. Of awareness of the multitudes of beautiful happenings that fill my existence and create amazing instances of recognition. to count my blessings is a privilege. to recognize and acknowledge the sheer extent to which I am blessed on a daily basis, is mind blowing. there are so many things, so many little and incredible things, happenings, facets..

I can walk.. I can WALK.

my body does things I ask of it with very little complaint the vast majority of the time. and though this is most assuredly changing, and shifting with time, I am still incredibly grateful for this beautiful, ‘glorious machine’ that is this body, my body, the current vehicle for my soul.. the fact that I can feel music and be moved. that I can move others by moving. the fact that I can tap into the collective divinity and pull images and songs and stories from the ether and translate them into mediums others can understand, and be inspired by. the fact that I can in turn be moved by others.

I can HEAR. I can SEE. I can TASTE. I can TOUCH. I have a beautiful home[s]. I can travel. I am not restricted. I can say these words and not get disappeared. I can SPEAK. I can SING. I can DANCE.

there are so many many things to be grateful for. there is NEVER nothing to be grateful for. we are built to take things for granted. and yet, we take taking things for granted, for granted.
I can hold my head up. how many muscles does it require just to keep my head from falling to my chest? how many times have you nodded off when  you were supposed to be paying attention and felt the WEIGHT of your head as you tried to keep it from falling to the side, or dropping like a personal stone onto your chest?
I can breathe. I can BREATHE. there are people who need machines to breathe for them. there are lungs that are filled with liquid. we temporarily experience these things when we are sick, but for thousands upon thousands, these things are permanent states of being. I can BREATHE.

I can write.

and so I WRITE that I am GRATEFUL, and amazed at the moments that comprise my life, this life I am choosing with all my heart and soul and blazing as brightly as this light inside me can possibly go-
there is a SUN in my CHEST-

AM a    c a t a l y s t
I am incredibly grateful for the choices presented to me
I choose happy like a golden fruit on a forbidden tree
I partake of it       D A  I  L  Y
I am life, and light, and sun and child of moon.
I am open wiiiiide and smiling and grateful for the ability to smile
I am bursting with joy in select moments when the dam breaks and I lay on my bed,
or in the grass beneath this polluted and beautiful and timeless sky,
or sit in my chair, any chair, or crouch on my rock, or stand in my desert, in that dust,
and I take a moment to savor the flavor of JOY.. of reveling in a moment.. of the sheer magnificence of dwelling on something wonderful..
and I smile
because I know
that technology has enabled me to share this attempted articulation of my moment with as many
as I can possibly

l   o   v   e